Taking a Closer Look: 5 Quilts from QuiltCon

QuiltCon 2022 had spectacular quilts lining every aisle of the show, and I have already shared some of the trends I noticed including the use of neutrals, circles, and curves. Today I have selected five quilts that are among my favorites to take a closer look at. Even though I love most of the award winning quilts, I intentionally did not include any in this piece because those quilts tend to be posted frequently. As usual, these are in no particular order. Hextraordinary by Isabelle Selak of @southbaybella What I love about it: It’s a hexagon quilt that is unconstrained by expectations that all hexagons are regular (all sides and angles of equal measurements) Many of the hexagons form points that lead your eye around the quilt A wide range of values are included in the design Multiple quilting thread colors integrate well with the fabric palette Seeing Red Feeling Blue by Jennifer Broemel of @Jen.broemel What I like about it: The use of layering, particularly how the wide stitching creates a transparency effect when viewing the quilt From a distance the overall design appears to have a mostly traditional, even formal layout, but as you get closer it becomes … Continue reading Taking a Closer Look: 5 Quilts from QuiltCon