10 Fun Word Games for Quilters for the Holiday Weekend

July 5, 2024

We’re celebrating Independence Day this weekend here in the US. Over 70 million Americans (AAA estimate) are traveling this weekend, and what better way to relax on vacation than to play some games?

Word games are hot, and now many sites help you make your versions of popular games like Word Searches, Wordle, Strands, and Connections. I tried out a few this week, and I’m sharing the puzzles I came up with here.

Wordle Inspired Puzzles

Wordle gives you six opportunities to guess a five-letter word. If a letter you guess turns green, you have the correct letter in the proper position within the word. If the letter turns yellow, you have a correct letter but in an incorrect location. Grey letters do not appear in the puzzle solution.

Here are four puzzles to try with quilting-related solutions:

Do you need a hint? Sarah Ruiz compiled a list of Wordle worthy quilting words.

Connections Inspired Puzzles

This game gives you 16 words in squares that you divide into four categories with four squares each. When you create a correct set of four squares, they will move into a line and change color. In theory, yellow is the most straightforward set, followed by green and blue. Purple is the most challenging set. 

Here are two puzzles to try with quilting-related solutions:

Strands Inspired Puzzles

Strands is a relatively new game with a twist on a word search. Words are placed within a grid of letters, but words twist and turn around within the grid. Letters in the same word can go horizontal, vertical, and/or diagonal. When you find a solution word, it will be highlighted in blue. One word is a Spangram, which is a reflection of the overall puzzle theme. When selected, the Spangram turns yellow, and this word will touch at least two different edges of the puzzle grid. You will have used every letter in the grid once when the puzzle is complete. 

Note: In Strands, multiple words can work as a single solution word. For instance, the quilt block “nine patch” could be a solution spelled out with no spaces, i.e., ninepatch.

Here are three puzzles to try with quilting-related solutions:

Word Search

I’ve always enjoyed a word search, so I couldn’t write a puzzle post without including at least one.

Here’s a word search to print and take along with you on your Summer travels:

If you’re inspired to make a quilting-inspired word puzzle on one of these sites, share the link in the comments so we can all play along!

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