100 Days of Stripes: Final Reveal

April 15, 2022

Each year I start a 100 day project that starts on January 1st and ends on my birthday, which happens to fall on the 100th day of the year. My first 100 day project was Resonance in 2018, and I have done several other 100 day projects since then.

For 2022 I decided to explore the use of stripes in piecing. In this post from January, I share the first quarter of the project process. Today, I get to share the final result!

I recognized going into this project that it was most likely going to be a busy design. The center unit of the quilt includes stripes that finish at 1/2″ wide, so as I worked my way outward toward the edges of the quilt, I allowed most of the stripes to grow wider.

In several places the stripes converge in Y seams. The final look of this feature is something I am looking forward to exploring further.

When working on a medallion style quilt, the center seems to come together quickly. As the design grows, it takes longer and longer to create additional components. This pile of strip piecing became the next row of the composition.

This year was trickier than usual to schedule because I was working at two different out of town quilt shows during the 100 days. I ended up skipping the 5 days I was at QuiltCon (so I guess this is technically a 95 day project this year!), but I was able to bring my machine to the AQS show in Branson to fit in a bit of hotel room sewing.

The quilting on this project is a computerized edge to edge design I purchased from Urban Elementz. It is called U-Turn and was designed by Bethanne Nemesh. I liked how the interlocking stripes that change direction echo the way the stripes turn in the pieced quilt top.

Quilt Stats

Title: 100 Day Stripe Quilt (this will probably change, but I’m drawing a blank right now)

Size: 58″x 66″

Techniques: Machine Piecing, Interleaving, Y-seams, 1/8″ pieced slivers

Quilting: Edge to edge computerized quilting on an A-1 Longarm

Fabric: A mix of solids, digital and traditional prints

Batting: Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 Cotton/Poly blend

Thread: Pieced and Quilted with 50wt Aurifil

Binding: Tula Pink stripe cut on the straight of grain

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