5 Creative Podcasts for Quilters: 2022 Edition

September 30, 2022

Today is International Podcasting Day, and what better way to celebrate than to share my five favorite podcasts for 2022! I listen to podcasts mostly while driving and occasionally as I work in the studio. There are tons of fantastic podcasts out in the world, and I hope you will add a comment at the end of this post to share your favorites! Here are my five favorite podcasts that I listen to on a (fairly) consistent basis:

The Quilter on Fire

The Quilter on Fire is an interview based podcast is hosted by Brandy Maslowski, and includes a wide variety of guests from throughout the quilting industry. Recent interviews have included quilters, quilt historians, and product representatives/developers. Some of my favorite episodes are recaps of major quilt shows. As much as I wish I could attend every show in person, that just isn’t going to happen anytime soon. These episodes include lots of short interviews with various people at the show including vendors, quilters with work on display, occasional highlights of special exhibits and more!

Don’t know where to start? I enjoyed Episode 71: The Six Know-It-Alls. These quilt historians each have a unique point of view that creates a lively and informative discussion around non-contemporary quilts.

Quilt Buzz

Quilt Buzz is hosted by the dynamic trio of Amanda Carye of @broadclothstudio, Wendy Chow of @the.weekendquilter, and Anna Brown of @waxandwanestudio. Each episode includes an interview with a contemporary quilter who typically works in a modern or mostly modern aesthetic.

Don’t know where to start? One of my favorite interviews this year was Episode 055 with Irene Roderick of @hixsonir

Craft Industry Alliance

This was one of the first podcasts I ever subscribed to back when it was named While She Naps. While the name has changed to the Craft Industry Alliance, the host, Abby Glassenberg, and the general topics of discussion have remained the same. Each interview takes you behind the scenes with a different person running a creative business and discusses both the art and business parts of their work. All types of creative businesses are represented in recent years, but if you are mostly interested in quilters, scroll back to some of the earlier episodes that include lots of great interviews with some of your favorite quilters.

Don’t know where to start? Check out Episode #223 with Sandra Chandler

Creative Pep Talk

Ok, Creative Pep Talk has nothing to do directly with quilting, but it is one of the most inspiring podcasts I have come across. Most episodes are on topics discussed by the host, artist and illustrator, “Andy J. Pizza,” with some occasional interviews with other creatives mixed in. If you are the kind of quilter who likes to design your own quilts, there is a good chance that many of the topics in this podcast will resonate with you. Topics cover creativity (as well as creative ruts), community, and how to move forward with your artistic work.

Don’t know where to start? Episode 381: Tried Everything by Nothing’s Working? Studies Show This Creative Tactic is Often Overlooked really resonated with me. Maybe it will resonate with you too?

Craft to Career

Of all the podcasts on this list, Craft to Career is the most business focused. The host, Elizabeth Chappell of Quilter’s Candy does a mix of solo episodes and interviews. Interviews include established creators, experts in particular areas of business (think Pinterest, finances, Etsy, virtual assistants, etc.), and coaching calls with people in the early to mid stages of developing their businesses.

Don’t know where to start? Try 16 Ways to Earn Money as a Quilt Pattern Designer

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