Act Fast to Capture One of These Eight Unique Hand Crafted Pin Cushions

December 2, 2022

Why are there only eight?

I have made each pin cushion, starting with a lump of clay. Each vessel is hand thrown on a pottery wheel and every mark is carved by hand before the piece is fired, glazed, and fired again. (I do outsource the firing process because I don’t own that equipment.)

Only after the pottery is complete and I have seen the ultimate glaze color do I select fabrics for the cushion and finish off each piece with a couple of unique decorative pins.

So why only eight? Because I’m glacially slow!

I am thrilled to share these pieces with you in time for the holidays. Just click on the one you like to head to my Etsy Shop!

Will there be more? Yes- and maybe before the holidays, but no guarantee!

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