Trending: Neutral Quilts at QuiltCon

March 4, 2022

Teaching at QuiltCon this year was an awesome experience, but it did mean that I had less time on the show floor than I have had in previous years. I decided to make the most of this limited time by walking the show at a fairly quick pace and stopping only at the quilts that really caught my eye. While I am sure that I missed tons of amazing quilts by not taking each one in individually, I have been able to spot some trends in my own taste. One of the design features I was most drawn to this year is the use of neutral or mostly neutral color palettes.

Today’s post focuses on those quilts that are predominantly neutral. They feature lots of grey, tan, black, white, and occasionally very muted forms of other colors. Some have colorful accents, but others do not.

NONE OF THE QUILTS PICTURED ARE MY WORK! Each work is labeled with the maker and their Instagram handle when available. These are in no particular order, and this post may take longer than usual to load because there are so many yummy quilt photos!

Bit Flip by Christine Perrigo of @ccpquilt

Lines by Kimberly Mullen of @eyecandycustomquilting

Sketch by Caroline Hadley of @geometriquilt

Little Snippets by Abigail Sheridan de Graaff of @cutandalter

Some are Invisible by Kathy Cook of @kathycookquilts

Secret Pink by Megan Ellinger of @meganmme

That which we call a… by Daneille Ketcham of @magicquilting1

Mobius Radial by Audrey Esarey of @CottonandBourbon

Stillwater by Robert Lowe of @rbtlowedesigns

In Time There Will Be Nine by Adell Grim of @adellgrim

Say Their Names by Teresa Duryea Wong of @third_floor_quilts

Virescent by Kelly Spell of @kellyspell

Theme and Variations Quilt No. 2 by Naomi Hughs of

Barely Contained Rage by Donna Blalock of @donnab317

Shades of Duality by Sheryl Gillilan of @mysewingsensation

We are All Made of Stars by Melissa de Leon Mason of @quiltallthethings_

Untitled by Elza McKenna of @elzagrace

Chaos and Calm by Debbie Grifka of @debbiegrifka

Kintsugi X (Scattered): Burgoyne Surrounded by Alexis Deise of @alexisdeise

Double Hex by Nancy Lambert

Paint by Debra Jalbert of @madeofhonorquilts

Garland by Yuliya Reshetnikova of @quiltcreation

Shadowy Figures by Barbara Danzi of @barbdanzi

You Had Me At Hello by Tricia Young of @PieceLoveQuilt

Chroma by Tara Evans of @taraleequiltery

A Bedrock of Calm by Debbie Grifka of @debbiegrifka

Jab Jab by Janine Holzman

Celebration by Irene Roderick of @hixsonir


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    Linda Selby
    March 4, 2022 at 6:20 am

    Wow…it is weird that many of these make me think about Star Wars?? 😂 Thanks for sharing!!

  • Reply
    Wanda Hanson
    March 4, 2022 at 3:31 pm

    Thanks for posting photos of the quilts made in neutral colors. I’m amazed at how many there were. Every time I think I must have seen all of the quilts from QuiltCon posted on Instagram and blogs I find another post with more, Thanks for taking the time to create this post.
    On a colorful note I love your quilt “Emergence”.

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