Open-Out Box Pouches

December 21, 2017

The Open-Out Box Pouch was the star of a recent sew-in I participated in.  This adorable pattern is designed by Comfort Stitching.  We came to the sew-in with the bag pieces pre-cut and interfacing pressed into place, so I was able to get two sewn in a few hours.

Open Out Box Pouch Pair

The pouch with the llamas is the one I was making for myself, so I did each step on it before working on the second pouch.  That way I was hopefully making any mistakes on my own pouch instead of the one I was planning to gift.  The matching zipper helped hide some of the first-time-making-a-pattern-awkwardness! For the folded tab, I chose cork for both bags.

Llama Open Out Box Pouch

This bag looks similar to a lot of zippered pouches at first glance, but this one has a separating zipper that allows the bag to open into a boxed shape.  It is great to be able to see everything in the bag, and it sits open without any effort.  Inserting the gusset was a little tricky, but after trying one, the next went really smoothly.

Llama Open Out Box Pouch open

For the second pouch I chose a triangle print in a blue ombre with green lining and orange zipper.  Blue and orange is my favorite complementary color scheme!  This pouch ultimately became part of the gift exchange at the holiday party for one of my guilds, and I think it went to a good home!

Triangle Print Open Out Box Pouch

Triangle Print Open Out Box Pouch open

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  • Reply
    Rochelle Summers
    December 21, 2017 at 3:50 pm

    I like both bags. Could you tell me what the “folded tab” is.? I just can’t picture it and where it would be. Thanks

  • Reply
    Lisa C in Dallas
    January 10, 2018 at 1:10 pm

    This bag is unusual and would be great for my girlfriends. Would you buy this pattern again? I think that’s different than asking if you’d make it again since you’ve already spent the money. Really cute!

  • Reply
    Lisa C
    March 24, 2019 at 4:34 pm

    How did you figure out how to attach the sides of the gusset? The instructions did not make sense to me nor have they made sense to anyone I’ve asked. I emailed Aneela but she did not respond.

    • Reply
      March 26, 2019 at 9:44 am

      It has been quite awhile since I made this pouch, but I do remember that there was a measurement that seemed a little off when it came to setting in the gusset. I think that there was a seam allowance that wasn’t accounted for. I wish I could be more help- I hope it works out for you!

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