100+ Gifts for Quilters- the 2023 Edition

November 17, 2023

Quilters love a good quilting related gift, and this year’s list is the most extensive yet, with more than 100 ideas for Quilters!

About the List

A survey

You helped to compile the biggest list of gift ideas this blog has ever had! I sent out a survey, and nearly 350 of you responded.

A few key takeaways from the respondents:

  • When asked if they hoped to receive a quilting related gift this year, 64% said yes, and over 25% said maybe
  • Over 66% hope to receive small practical gifts
  • New-to-them notions are the most hoped for gift at over 68%
  • Many respondents said they don’t care for knick knack type items, but over 38% would enjoy a fun quilting T-shirt
  • Nearly 54% would like to receive upgraded versions of basic, frequently used tools like rulers
  • The single specific most hoped for gift is rotary cutter blades

How I used this info (and you can too!)

To start with, we know that most quilters enjoy receiving quilting related gifts, and most quilters want those gifts to be items that are useful to them in their day-to-day quilting activities.

This list focuses on quilting tool and notions, with some other fun items mixed in. Knowing that most quilters want practical gifts, even the fun items on the list often serve a functional purpose.

I looked for fun, new notions to mix with the tried and true notions that quilters love. I also looked toward upgraded basic items that make quilting processes easier.

The List

Items on this list vary in price and start under $5, but a few go into the hundreds. I have done my best to provide active links to in stock items. A few items are so new, they may not be in stock at the time this post goes live, but they are expected soon.

Make sure you read to the bottom of the post to see the most requested item!

This post contains affiliate links. That means if you click on an affiliate link and end up making a purchase at that site, I will receive a small percentage of the sale that doesn’t cost you anything. Funds received through affiliate links help pay the costs associated with this website/blog and the weekly newsletter.

Fun and Practical Quilt-Themed Gifts


Getting Organized

Around the House

Gifts for Quilters that Design

Cutting Tools

There is an old superstition that you can never gift any type of blade, lest you cut the relationship, so make sure you tape a penny to the gift for the recipient to pay you with!

  • Want to be the hit of the holidays? An Accuquilt Cutter speeds up the cutting process, and is particularly awesome for quilters who use lots of standard shapes or make block based quilts.
  • Make the Accuquilt even more versitile with a Qube Cutting Set.
  • Most Requested Item! Practical gifts are hot with quilters, and a new pack of rotary cutter blades was high on a lot of lists!
  • The brand new Glow Ruler. It lights up- need I say more?
  • The Classic Curves Ruler got an upgrade this year, and now has a non-slip backing among other features. And now you can go big with the Classic Curves PLUS!
  • The Tula Pink Rotary Cutter is my favorite. It feels great in your hand and it is the perfect weight. Added bonus: It’s gorgeous!
  • Cutting on the go? This Cut to the Good Stuff Rotary Cutter Case is both fun and practical.
  • My Foldaway Cutting Mat and Ironing Area is one of my most used tools- I don’t leave home to sew without it!
  • A reversible cutting mat give you two mats in one, and you can change the color to contrast with your fabrics or just because you want a change!
  • When I was demonstrating longarm machines at a show, I was introduced to the Kai 4″ Curved Blade Scissors. The curved blade is perfect for snipping thread because the tip of the blade points away from your fabric.
  • At less than $3, every quilter stocking should have at least one pair of these Super Mini Shears. I always have a pair in my purse, and they are perfect for airplane stitching.
  • My first Bloc_Loc Ruler was the 6-1/2″ Half Square Triangle, which I loved so much, I added the 12-1/2″ Half Square Triangle Bloc_Loc. You can use the HST rulers to trim any size block at or smaller than the largest measurement on the ruler, so it’s super versatile.
  • Are you ready for the Half-Rectangle-Triangle trend. You can make this block without a specialty ruler (I have a video how-to available), but it is so much easier with a specialty ruler like this HRT Bloc_Loc.
  • In some cases bigger really is better! This 20-1/2″ Square Ruler is perfect for squaring up the corners of you quilt when you are getting ready to bind.
  • During the survey, more than half of quilters said they would love an upgrade to a basic tool this holiday season. This 6-1/2″ x 24″ Quilter’s Select Ruler is the upgrade all quilters will love. (At least I have yet to meet a quilter who doesn’t love this ruler!)
Accuquilt Dynamic Promo

Pressing Gifts for Quilters

Most quilters agree that pressing is just as important as stitching to achieve accurate blocks, but if you are like me, you’ll do almost anything to keep from ironing your clothes!

  • The Tula Pink Auto Lift ProPlus Oliso is the brightest in their lineup yet!
  • A Mini Oliso Iron is perfect for keeping next to your sewing machine for all of those small pressing jobs.
  • Wool pressing mats are a joy to press on and help give you super flat seams. The bigger the better when it comes to a pressing mat- try not to go under 13″ square.
  • When wool pressing bars first came out, I was one of the first to line up. I use mine every time I press a seam open, then it doubles as a clapper!
  • Speaking of clappers, you can get beautiful artisan clappers to spruce up your sewing space in a functional way.
  • Best Press is an awesome way to make your fabric behave, and a gallon lasts a long time, even for heavy users.
  • Pair that gallon of Best Press with a Spray Misting Bottle. You’ll get an even mist and the Best Press will last even longer.

Notions for All Quilters

  • We think about our fabrics, threads, and battings, but what about our needles? This Schmetz Collector Tin Bundle has an assortment of needles, so you’ll be sure to have what you need.
  • Every quilter I know could use more bobbins– just make sure you know which machine they have to get the correct size.
  • Do you want to know the stocking stuffer I bought for myself this Christmas? The Tula Pink Limited Edition Neon Thread from Aurifil. It’s stunning. I’m in love!
  • If neon isn’t your style, try this Necessities Aurifil House Collection with four large spools of basic colors. One of these will work for practically any project.
  • I often make my quilt binding when I need a break from another step, so these Stitch Supply Co. Binding Spools are great to keep things contained until the end of a project.
  • Never will I ever have too many Wonder Clips, and this set will always be appreciated.
  • For all of those times when you drop pins on the floor, this MagnaFingers Pick-Up Release tool will pick it up the mess and then release it exactly where you want it.
  • Are you looking for the pointiest of pointy tweezers? These Precision Tweezers fit the bill.
  • Sew Fine Thread Gloss is my must-have for hand sewing. It decreases tangling and it smells so good!
  • How useful is this Needle Sorting Pin Cushion?
  • Do you ever wonder where you put your needle when you took a break for just a minute? This Pin Holder from Sew Tites can help with that!
  • This Thread Holder from Superior Threads lets you sew with any type of thread spool, cone, or even bobbins.
  • My favorite method for marking straight lines for quilting is Masking Tape. My favorite widths are 1″, 3/4″, and 1/2″
  • Zirkel Pincushions move the pins so the heads point out towards the edges, making it way easier to grab the correct end.



English Paper Piecing

  • One of the best new notions of the year are these precision glue tips. This adapter attaches to a standard glue stick, tapers the glue to a 1/4″ wide line, and the original glue stick cap pops onto the adapter for storage.
  • Accuquilt has die sets for English Paper Piecing to cut both the papers and the fabric!
  • Sew Tite Dots are the perfect size and shape for some EPP

Foundation Paper Piecing

  • If I could only have one foundation paper piecing tool, it would be the Add-a-Quarter Plus Ruler and this set has two sizes. I keep the longer one at my machine and the shorter ruler in my sewing kit.
  • Fortunately I don’t have to choose just one tool, because I also love the Add-an-Eighth Plus Ruler
  • And this Foundation Piecing Water Pen is life changing for removing the paper templates from my FPP. (This is another top new notion of 2023 in my opinion)
  • The Quick Press Seam Roller is great for times you can’t have an iron next to your sewing machine
  • A Lightbox makes doing FPP a dream
  • Sew Tite Lite Bars are my favorite method for holding fabric in place for foundation paper piecing
Shop Fabric at Fat Quarter Shop

Sewing Space Organization

  • Prior to a retreat this year, I picked up this Posture Perfect Sit Upon, and now I use it both at home and away from home. It really does help you sit in a better position.
  • How cute is this giant rainbow thimble container to capture all of your marking implements and small vertical tools?
  • A duster is probably not at the very top of your holiday list, but this cute Pink Fluffy Extendable Duster would actually be a super helpful upgrade to your sewing space. It’s surely better than the dust cloth I keep next to my machine!
  • We invest in our sewing machines, so we want them to travel safely when we leave home. This Tula Pink Tutto Trolley pairs amazing style with functionality.
  • When I chose a carrier for my machine (a BERNINA 770QE PLUS), I wanted to be able to load it from the top as well as the front, so I went with the 2X Large Tutto Trolley. When it arrived, I realized it has the added bonus of fitting my 24″ long rulers in the pockets of the case!
  • Contain all those little notions next to the sewing machine with this Oh…Sew! Organized Stash ‘n Store organizer.
  • Lighting is critical to any sewing space, and this Slimline Table Lamp from the Daylight Company is terrific.
  • I just picked up a few more Billy Bookcases from IKEA to add to my sewing space. Did you know these bookcases are the perfect depth to hold bolts of fabric? They also have optional doors.

Containers for Creative Gift Wrapping



  • My all-time favorite quilt book is Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns, and it always tops out any list of quilting books. This book doesn’t give instructions to make blocks, but it is packed full of historic quilt designs.
  • For quilters giving ruler work a try, the Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book by Amanda Murphy has tons of inspiration.
  • Walk and Walk 2.0 by Jacquie Gering focus on domestic machine walking foot quilting, and are on lots of wish lists
  • A few years ago, I had the pleasure of taking a Hoop Quilts class with AnneMarie Chany, and now she has a book out on the subject titled Hoop Quilts for Beginners. These projects are a super fun reinterpretation of the mini quilt!
  • New this year is Carolina Moore’s Ultimate Paper Piecing Reference Guide which covers both Foundation Paper Piecing and English Paper Piecing techniques.


  • Curated Quilts is, well, highly curated, with each issue focused on a different theme with way more articles than patterns.
  • The Australian based Make Modern Magazine is jammed full of all things quilting in every issue. I particularly love their interviews with quilters from around the world. This all-digital magazine is also perfect if you need a last-minute gift!
  • Quilt Folk is a deeply satisfying magazine to read. Each edition visits a different state and focuses on the quilting community in the area.
  • Simply Moderné is the Modern companion to Quilt Mania, and along with patterns and articles, provides highlights from quilt shows around the world in each issue.


  • EQ8 is the most used quilt design software, and on a lot of quilter wish-lists
  • With or without EQ8, Blockbase contains thousands of block designs and pairs beautifully with The Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Blocks.

Experiences and Memberships

  • Plan a trip to a quilt show. Favorites include QuiltCon, AQS Paducah, and International Quilt Festival.
  • Many quilter’s love a retreat, and would love a weekend (or longer) away to sew with friends, new and old
  • Visit a Quilt Museum like the National Quilt Museum, International Quilt Museum, New England Quilt Museum or some of the other amazing institutions around the country. Perhaps a road trip?
  • Give the gift of a class at a local quilt shop– most will have gift certificates available
  • If you don’t have a local shop or can’t find the class you want there, online classes are a great option and are offered by guilds as well as individual teachers.

And the most requested item is…

  • Gift cards were the most requested item in the survey, so head to your favorite quilter’s favorite local or online quilt shop to pick up a gift card!

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