Don’t Miss These 3 Remarkable Quilts from QuiltCon 2024

March 22, 2024

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the chance to share some of my major impressions of QuiltCon 2024 with you, and today, I am excited to show you three of the quilts I can’t stop thinking about since I saw them!

Just in case you missed it, here are my other posts about QuiltCon 2024:

Scrappy Manhattan

By Clara Stoikow @bimbambuki_blog

I’m breaking my rule about not featuring award-winning quilts for this one! I’m fascinated by map designs in many forms, and this quilted map of Manhattan included tons of texture and unexpected design elements.

  • The maker used quilting and non-traditional materials to emphasize critical linear elements. Narrow strips of elastic form key motorways and tunnels, which is a brilliant choice for a pliable material to form narrow curves.
  • Hand stitching gives the quilt tremendous texture, and the shift in density between the compositional elements helps direct the viewer’s focus toward the critical design motifs.
  • Black and white fabrics define the island’s surrounding areas, with bright colors highlighting Manhattan as the focal point.
Full View of Scrappy Manhattan by Clara Stoikow
Detail of Scrappy Manhattan by Clara Stoikow
Description of Scrappy Manhattan by Clara Stoikow

Choosing Calm

By Julie Reuben @b_plus_q

A unique use of hand stitching stood out to me in many quilts at QuiltCon 2024, and this one was particularly remarkable. The fabulous texture drew me in, and as I got closer to the quilt, I noticed:

  • It’s a wholecloth quilt! The weight and density of threads in a wide color range gave the illusion of a pieced background. It wasn’t until you were directly beside the quilt that you could tell it was stitching on a solid background fabric.
  • The maker used a feather embroidery stitch for all of the quilting and switched the direction of the stitches to develop a flow of movement and enhance the overall texture of the quilt.
  • With the shifts in the colorful thread, the back of the quilt is nearly as interesting as the front!
Full View of Choosing Calm by Julie Reuben
Detail of Choosing Calm by Julie Reuben
Back view of Choosing Calm by Julie Reuben
Description of Choosing Calm by Julie Reuben

Project 8

By Laura Loewen @quiltfortco

This quilt gave me a sense of overwhelming joy when I saw it across the aisle. It captures the whimsy of childhood drawings and combines it with a softly sophisticated color palette.

  • Each rainbow has a unique color palette, and none of those palettes depict the color placement found in a natural rainbow.
  • The rainbows and stars use variation in proportion with improvisational piecing to distribute the visual weight of each component.
  • By frequently incorporating neutral and muted colors into the background fabrics, the bright colors are allowed to shine.
Full view of Project 8 by Laura Loewen
Detail of Project 8 by Laura Loewen
Description of Project 8 by Laura Loewen

That’s It for QuiltCon 2024!

There were hundreds of extraordinary quilts at the show, and I encourage you to head to Instagram to see more. Try searching #quiltcon2024.

If you are a member of the Modern Quilt Guild, you can view the show online through the end of March.

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