Bionic Bag

Last year I made myself a Bionic bag, then I made one for my Mom, and at that point I was having so much fun with them I started another.  About 2/3 of the way through, I got distracted (that happens way too often!) and this bag ended up as a UFO for several months.  Bionic Bag Exterior

When it was time for the holiday party at my local quilt guild, I pulled the semi-finished bag out to finish for our gift exchange.

The pattern for the Bionic Bag is by RipStitcher and is available on Craftsy.  The directions are extensive, but the construction of the bag is pretty staight-forward, and there are a lot of photographs included in the instructions.  I love that this bag has room for practically every sewing notion you could ever need- it goes with me everywhere!  Bionic Bag Interior 1

I chose the fabric for the bag exterior first and used that color scheme to select the interior fabrics.  There are so many opportunities to play with color on this project, so I used a wide range of colors and prints.Bionic Bag Interior 2

My favorite wrapping paper came out for this gift, and I pulled out some scraps to make a flower decoration.


Wrapped Gift

Fabric Flower

It was a very popular item in our variation of “Bad Santa!”

Goal #28 is finished!

Goal #28 is finished!


7 thoughts on “Bionic Bag

  1. Jenny says:

    Thanks for introducing me to this bag. I made a couple of sew together bags which are great but just a bit on the small side for everything I like to have to hand when I’m sewing. And that drop down fabric tray looks just the thing to stop my seam ripper from rolling off the table again. Now I’ve got the pattern just got to get around to finding the time to make it!!

  2. Vicky says:

    This pattern is an 82 page download,which you don’t know until you order it. I can’t imagine 82 pages of instructions for anything.I have requested a refund,hope I get it

    • thenotsodramaticlifeadmin says:

      The Bionic Bag is a very thorough pattern, and it does have a lot of pages. Most of these are instructions, so you only need to print the pages which have templates for the side panels. The bag really does come together nicely, and the instructions take you through each step with lots of pictures.

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