Snapshots from AQS Paducah QuiltWeek 2023

April 28, 2023

Quilt Week in Paducah, Kentucky is in full swing, and I’m thrilled to be here seeing amazing quilts and visiting with fantastic quilting friends! I’ll be sharing more in depth thoughts in the coming weeks, but until then, here are some snapshots of the week so far:

Hello From QuiltWeek 2023!

@victoriacaldwellcreative, @Elizabethkray, and me in Quilt City, USA!
The Awards Ceremony takes place the evening before the show officially opens
Preview night is far less crowded than the first day, and finding our quilts was the first priority
Elizabeth managed to capture the miniatures without glare from the glass!
Which was more than I was able to do! Thankfully the miniatures are the only quilts behind glass.
On the first official day of the show, lots of people could hardly wait to enter the main exhibit hall
Margaret Solomon Gunn won Best of Show
Detail view of the Best of Show quilt
Circling Sevenstar by Lyn Crump received first place in the Modern category
A view of the inside of the “Bubble” annex a few minutes after the show officially began. This is the least crowded area on the first morning of the show.

The National Quilt Museum

@elizabethkray and I started the week by meeting at the museum where my mini quilt is the current selfie wall!
A Bisa Butler quilt is currently on loan to the National Quilt Museum!
A detail of the Bisa Butler quilt
One of my all-time favorite quilts, The Beatles Quilt by Pat Holly and Sue Nickels, is currently on display!
My mini quilt (that is also the selfie spot in the main lobby) is also on display
Another of my mini quilts, Synthesized Slivers, is also in the gallery. I love how it relates to the nearby mini quilts in the new grouping format.

The Yeiser Center

The Fantastic Fibers Exhibit at the Yeiser Center in downtown Paducah, showcases a wide variety of fiber-based art and is a terrific juxtaposition to the traditional quilts at the main show

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    lynn bourgeois
    April 28, 2023 at 6:38 am

    Thanks for sharing a few of the quilt pictures this morning. It will be an exciting time for all the quilters who get to visit.

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